The Greek company ANATOMIC HELP was founded in Thessaloniki in 1996, in order to produce orthopedic and sport medical products of high standards. With facilities owned by the company at the area of Kilkis, it is the biggest company of vertical integration in the Balkans and the only manufacturer of orthopedic products in Greece.

The continuous rise of the company, makes it today one of the greatest companies of orthopedic products abroad while at the same time it holds a leading position in the domestic market, preserving high market shares at all the pharmacies in Greece and exclusive partnerships with hospitals, clinics and stores with orthopedic products.


The company is developed in private facilities of 7.000m2


Has personnel of 50 people, which increases every year.

ISO 9001
In 1998 the company acquired the ISO 9001 certification, ISO E3/833/99 and its products bear the CE certification from a recognized body and certifications from international organizations.

Quality & Development

ANATOMIC HELP S.A pays great attention to quality, as it has the technology to set high goals, with constant investments in machines and specialized personnel.

With a wide range of products which exceed 250 codes for prevention and treatment, designed by an authorized team of doctors and physiotherapists, we guarantee an excellent quality.

The organizing of the company is the one that ensures the high quality in its products and services.

The main development factor of ANATOMIC HELP S.A is based on the investments of the company to technology as well as human resources of high professional level, certifying thus the excellent designing and manufacturing of its products.

Rewards – Distinctions

A special distinction for ANATOMIC HELP S.A is that it was chosen by the Ministry of Development for the company’s innovative activity and it was post in the Ministry’s official website.

Furthermore, our company was rewarded by the Chamber of Kilkis, for its contribution in manufacturing innovative products both in national and international level.

Sales Network

Our company, through all those years, has developed a specialized network of experienced associates around Greece as well as abroad, which is ready to offer you orthopedic and sports medical products with the experience through all those years and the quality guarantee of ANATOMIC HELP S.A.

You can find our products abroad in: Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, France, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Kuwait, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Bahrain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, Tunisia, Finland, Fyrom.